As the body of Christ

we will grow into an inclusive community

where God’s grace nurtures, heals,

and transforms

Parish Vision Statement

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Communities, like individual persons, are always a work in progress. God isn’t finished with us yet. Christ’s redemptive work continues through the people who are both open to receive God’s grace, as well as to be conduits through which God’s grace flows into the world.


All are Welcome to Belong and Become

                                                                       Parish Mission Statement

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 The Mission Statement is the “how” we live into the Vision Statement.

Our community is a gathering of loving, caring people seeking a deeper relationship with God and each other.  

A welcoming center for all ages, races, genders, orientations, relationship status that is informal, relaxed, and an open community easily joined.

Embracing the diversity of the entire human family and inclusiveness that starts with a handshake but ends with a hug.

We honor the sacraments of baptism, weddings, and funerals through prayer. Together we share communion through a loving and vibrant worship.

Three Eucharistic services are offered each Sunday:

The 7:30 AM service is a said service without music or hymns. Those who attend this service reassemble at a local restaurant for breakfast.

The 9:15 AM family service is a choral Eucharist. The choir is accompanied by pre-recorded instrumental music, pre-recorded organ, or guitar, depending on which form of music best suits the hymn or service music. Children are encouraged to attend the service with their parents, as it is in the context of communal worship that children are formed in the practice of our faith.

The 11:15 AM Service at Christ Campus is held in the Great Barn (weather permitting) or in the chapel.

This is an informal Eucharist with guitar music and a friendly community looking to grow into deeper relationship with God and one another.